1. Content of the website

The author cannot guarantee for the quality standard of provided information of for it to be up-to-date, correct or complete. Any liability claims against the author, resulting from material or non-material damages, caused by the use or misuse of information, including information which later proves to be inaccurate or incomplete, provided on this website, are precluded, as long as evidential proof of the author’s intention or gross negligence cannot be provided.  All offers are without obligation and subject to change. The author reserves the right to change, extend or delete parts of, or the entire website, or temporarily or definitely close down the operation of this website without previous notice.

2. External links
In the case of direct or indirect references to external links (‘hyperlinks’) which lie beyond the author’s responsibility, the author can only be held accountable for their illegal content if the author is clearly aware and if it was reasonable and technically possible to prevent their use.  The author thereby declares that at the time of setting the links, the linked pages did not show any signs of illegal content. The present or future design, their content or copyright of linked pages lie beyond the author’s influence. Therefore the author explicitly distances himself from any changed content published after liking the page. This declaration applies to all links and references set on the author’s own website as well as content provided by third parties in by the author administered guest books, forums, link directories, mailing lists and all other forms of data bases, which allow external access. For illegal, inaccurate or incomplete content and especially for damages resulting from the use or misuse of this kind of provided information, only the provider of the page which the link leads to and not the provider of the reference to that page, can be held accountable.

3. Copyright and trademark

The author strives towards acknowledging copyrights of used images, graphics, sound files, videos and texts in all of his publications, to use images, graphics, sound files or videos of his own creation or to use graphics, sound files, videos or texts which do not require licence agreements. All brands or trademarks named on this website which potentially might have been registered by a third party are subject to the applicable labelling law and the title of 11 
the registered owner. Just by mentioning one cannot conclude that trademarks are not protected by a third party’s’ right!  The copyright for by the author produced objects, remain solely with the author of these pages. The reproduction or use of such graphics, sound files videos and texts in other digital or printed publications without the author’s explicit permission is forbidden.

4. Data protection

If the website offers the option to enter personal or business information (email address, name, postal address), the provision of these details by the user is strictly on a voluntarily basis. The use and payment of any offered services – if technically possible and if reasonable – can also be done without the provision of such details, anonymously or by using a pseudonym. Information published in the legal information section or similar provided information such as contact details, telephone or fax numbers, as well as email addresses are not permitted to be used for the submission of unrequested information.  In the case of violation, we reserve the right to pursue legal action against the senders of so called Spam mail.

5. Validity and disclaimer
This disclaimer has to be regarded as part of our website, which linked to this page. If parts or individual wording of this text do not conform to current law, become out-dated or are incomplete, the other parts of this document will remain unaffected in their content or validity.

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